Nature in West Leeds

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  1. You look up, you hear it and Ralph created a famous tune about it. (7)
  2. Butterfly whose caterpillar feeds on stinging nettles (7)
  3. Elusive, eats fish and has come back to Leeds along the river Aire (5)
  4. An earthy colour and popular name for a quintet by Franz Schubert describes this freshwater predator (5,5)
  5. a predatory bird that operates often in woods (11)
  6. Certainly cannot be ridden but flies and the females are notorious blood suckers (5,3)
  7. Eight long legs with the head, thorax and abdomen fused into one round body (10)
  8. A deciduous tree that produces cones and whose timber was used for making the traditional Lancashire cloggs (5)
  9. What is the form of protection used by the yellow and black coloured hoverflies (7)
  10. Cricket bats are made from the wood of which tree (6)
  11. A wet woodland (4)
  12. bat that hunts over water for insects (10)
  13. The white bark is a valuble clue while its thin branches were used for punishment (6,5)
  14. yellow ray and disk florets and can be eaten in a slald (9)
  15. A tree that produces a very light weight timber (4)
  16. It is thorny and produces red berries in the autumn (8)
  17. Low growing plant that produces very small eatable black berries in the summer and is not thorny (8)
  18. A native tree with characteristic black buds (3)


  1. For defence the red ant can bite and? (5)
  2. Ceratinly not a king but has its own way of angling in a feathered state (10)
  3. Live as a colony, build nests under the ground, can bite and sting you if annoyed but are not yellow and black. (3,4)
  4. Common name for Rosebay Willowherb (8)
  5. Its berry-like pinecones are used to flavour gin (7)
  6. Several black fruit can be seen on this blackthorn (5)
  7. The wood from this tree is used to make parts of the instruments of the violin family (8)
  8. shrub that yields nuts we can eat (5)
  9. One of Britain's smallest birds (5)
  10. It eats snails, runs on six legs and the females produce a light at night to attract the males during the mating season
  11. Is it a two spot, seven spot, fourteen or twenty-two spot? (8)
  12. Semi-parasitic plant feeding off grass (12)
  13. It stings but you can make tea out of it (6)
  14. Fast four winged predacious invertebrate with a long abdomen that is often seen over water (9)
  15. Besides warding off wickedness, the red berries of this tree can be made into a jelly rich in Vitamin C (5)
  16. A evergreen tree often associated with churchyards (3)
  17. A bird that eats acorns (3)
  18. Come autumn this rather poisonous mushroom rears its bright red head with white flecks attached (3,6)
  19. Certainly not a church officer but definitely a species of beetle that specialises in carrion (6)
  20. A punctuation that evidently flutters (4)
  21. A slow growing tree whose wood was often used to build sailing ships (3)
  22. Tree with a white bark (5)

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