Abbey House Museum

The Abbey House Museum incorporates the gatehouse for Kirkstall Abbey which was built by the Cistercian Monks. The actual date of construction is not known, but is likely to be from 1152 onwards when the Abbey was built. When Kirkstall Abbey ceased to function following the Dissolutionment of the monasteries in 1539, the last Abbot John Ripley was able to acquire the gatehouse as his home until his death in 1568. Thereafter the property had various owners and extensions added and it was not until 1925 the building was sold to Leeds City Council and became a museum two years later.

The museum has galleries displaying toys, games and domestic items along with three streets of reconstructed workshops and cottages showing their wares. In addition there is also a cafe and a shop.

Abbey House Museum as seen from across Abbey Road

Within the Abbey House Museum a Victorian street with shops selling different wares has been recreated

Visiting children given the opportunity to wear clothing of the period and re-inact typical Victorian domestic chores such as washing clothes in a tub

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