Armley Jail

Built in 1847 to incarcerate 334 men, women and children. It's commanding location and grim exterior was to act as a visible deterrent. Correctly named HM Prison Leeds though it also locally known as Armley Goal.

Using local stone, the prison was originally built with four wings radiating from a central point in a Victorian style known as radial. Each of the wings comprise three landings of cells. Since then there have been a number of additions that hide some of the grim exterior.

This prison was used for executions from 1847 to 1961 with the last being that of Zsiga Pankotia by Harry Allen for the murder of Eli Myers in a house burglary at Roundhay.

Despite additional buildings, graffiti at the front and ongoing refurbishments, there is nothing that can really hide the grim exterior of Armley Jail and the intended visual deterrent

An early 1900s picture of Armley Jail

By kind permission of Leeds Library and Information Services,

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