Armley Park

Located on the south side of the Leeds Liverpool Canal, this community park contains woodlands on the valley slope, gardens, play area, skatepark, bowling greens, war memorial, seating and a network of paths. Spetacular views of the Aire valley can be had from the north side of the Park.

Fountain with  the backdrop of the cherry avenue in full blossom.

A careful examination of the script on the fountain wall gives the following information ' Erected by William Henry Gott of Armley House in commemoration of the sixtieth year of the reign of her majesty 1837. Queen Victoria. 1897 '. The latter date indicates when the fountain was built.

Fading text on the fountain plaque

The famous Arch Steps down the steep slope of the valley side

The castellated archway bears the date of the Park's development which was 1893

The woodland slope which runs down the valley side contains a network of paths and steps

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