Bramley Fall Woods

Contains old quarry workings that date back to the 12th Century. Millstone Grit was quarried here and provided stone that was soft to work but weathered to a hard, resistant surface. In fact stone was used from this quarry in the construction of Kirkstall Abbey. Due to the fact that this type of stone could withstand shock made it ideal for engine beds and defensive works such as the Napoleonic Martello towers around the south coast. In addition the stone had water resistance properties so it was used in the construction of canals and dock works.

Besides the old quarry workings the site has extensive oak woodlands, network of paths, permissive horse trail, seating, play area and a challenging trim trail for all ages. 

Woodland area in Bramley Fall Wood with a carpet of bluebells

Trim trail equipment ready to give you the ultimate workout!!

Hidden behind trees and covered by leaf litter and vegetation lie the spoil from the ancient quarry workings

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