Calverley Lane Picnic Site

Riverside footpath along the eastern section of the Calverley Lane Picnic Site

Adjacent to the river Aire the Calverley Lane Picnic Site contains a combination of wild flower meadow on the flatter areas with young woodland confined to the sloped areas. This site provides a valuable wildlife habitat for an assortment of plant and animal species.

Meadows like this are probably best explored in the warmer spring and summer months, when the wildflowers they support are in bloom, and are most attractive to nectar seeking insects such as butterflies and bumble bees.

A network of paths, picnic tables and seats within the site creates the ideal environment in which one can relax and appreciate the countryside.

Present on the Picnic site is Hay or Yellow Rattle, a semi- parasitic plant, which obtains some of its nutrients from grasses. This form of parasitism slows the growth of the grass and allows other plant species to colonise and/or compete more effectively for the available water and nutrients in the soil.

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