1913 map showing the extent of the railway lines through Leeds and the key stations serving the city

View of Leeds City Station taken from Granary Wharf and clearly showing the structure sat on the viaduct which was built in the 1860's .

City Station

In 1846 the first station was opened on this site by the North Midland Railway and was called Wellington Station. Initially all the lines terminated directly behind the Queens Hotel, however this arrangement became unworkable due to the high volume of traffic and the need to have a more efficient and faster service connecting the major cities and towns. To resolve these problems, the North Eastern Railway Company in partnership with the London and North Western Railway (LNWR) created an immense viaduct in 1866-9 to link their lines . This development enabled routes to Selby, York and the north east to be opened up and the "New Station" was built on the viaduct close to Wellington Station.

In 1938 a rationalisation was required with the New Station being merged with Wellington Station to create the Leeds City Station. The station was rebuilt in 1967 and then had another overhaul in 2002.

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