View of the retail outlets in the arches of the viaduct

Visitors walking through the central archway within the viaduct

One of the three arches of the viaduct through which the river Aire flows

Dark Arches

Between 1866 and 1869 an enormous viaduct was built to create a link between the lines owned by the North Eastern Railway and the London and North Western Railway Companies. Over 18 million bricks were used in the construction of the viaduct and the brick lined vaults created in the process became known as the Dark Arches. At one time the Granary Wharf shopping centre was housed in the Dark Arches but now the facility has been turned into a car park with a few retail outlets kept at the front of certain arches. Within the Dark Arches the public can walk along a linking archway running parallel and within the viaduct and view the river Aire as it flows through three of the arches. This latter aspect can be quite spectacular especially when the river is in full spate after a period of wet weather.

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