There are lots of opportunities for learning outside the classroom in the West Leeds Country Park, and we can help schools and groups get the most out of their visits. We have skilled and experienced staff on hand to lead sessions for you on any of our Parks and Countryside sites, with a huge range of activities on offer! Learn about minibeasts living in the grassland habitats of Bramley Falls and Dunkirk Hill, spot the birds in the shrubs and trees of Hawksworth Wood and Post Hill and explore life under the water at Farnley Hall Fish Pond and Woodhall Lake.

  West Leeds Country Park Visitor Centre 

To understand the wildlife and habitats present in the West Leeds Country Park, a visit to the West Leeds Country Park Visitor Centre is a must. The  WLCP visitor centre is intended as an introduction to the Country Park, offering information about the park, and the animals and environments within its boundaries. If you want to know where the Visitor Centre is located please click the following button: -


The WLCP Visitor Centre is an interactive education based attraction which also houses live displays of indigenous animal species found within the country park. The animal displays are intended to show visitors the wealth of interesting, and in some cases endangered, wildlife which resides on our doorstep, but which we may know little about. The display interpretation explain the various ecosystems and habitats found within the Country Park, and the efforts of LCC staff, Conservation Groups and other interested parties to maintain these systems, thus ensuring that they remain part of our natural heritage.


The Visitor Centre incorporates a selection of themed areas depicting the various habitats found throughout the Country Park:

Habitat themes.

Breaking down each to look at:

For further information or to book one of the above, please contact Zoo Education Officer Robert Driver on 0113 3367553 or email  

  Other educational options

You can also book ranger-led playscheme activities or class visits to our parks, nature  reserves and green  spaces, where you can explore life in the undergrowth, learn how to identify trees and wildflowers, go for a pond dip, try bird watching and much much more! These half-day sessions can be tailored to suit the needs and abilities of your class or out-of-school club, and link in well with the Key Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4 curriculum.

We will try and run our Outdoor Classroom sessions on any suitable green space within walking distance of your school or base, but groups also often go the extra mile to visit some of our especially good quality sites. These include Bramley Fall Woods, Hawksworth Wood, Post Hill, Kirkstall Abbey Park, Calverley Woods and the Calverley Lane Picnic Site. All these sites and many others are marked on the various trail leaflets so there is a good chance you will find one near you, but please get in touch if you would like more information on places your group might like to visit.

We also work with secondary school groups on practical projects in parks and green spaces,which links in well with land-based and life skills courses, and can offer teacher training workshops for educators wishing to gain more confidence carrying out habitat investigations with their classes or groups.

or further information visit, email or just call us on 0113 395 7400.

West Leeds Country Park Visitor Centre located within Pudsey Park

Classroom within the Visitor Cente which is ideal for school work and meetings

Pupils using sweep nets to catch invertebrates in the long grass near Wythers Lane

To assist your deliberations on how you wish to pursue the environmental educational there are two leaflets and one booklet that are worth downloading and consulting: -

Parks & Countryside Educational Leaflet - explains the booking arrangements, Ranger/park staff assistance and costs for an environmental education session on one of the parks.  Information is also provided about the “Adopt-a-Park” scheme, conservation practical skills for secondary school and further education students and what packs and resources are available to assist in preparing a well structured educational event.


The Outdoor Classroom - Comprehensive booklet providing a wealth of information on different activities that can be contemplated in the green spaces and back in the classroom. This booklet has the flexibility to provide suitable environmental study options for just about any nature area within the West Leeds Country Park and elsewhere that have a limited range of habitats.  In addition the Outdoor Classroom is about cross-curricular education and games in an environmental setting. Consideration is given to investigations, worksheets, games, walks and trails, creative projects, identification guides, links with National Curriculum and activity risk assessments.

Click the blue button to view the document

Click the black button to download the document

Post Hill School Information Leaflet - provides information on what is available for environmental study at Post Hill Local Nature Area. In addition useful ideas are suggested on what type of activities to pursue on site and possible follow-up work back in the classroom.  General guidance notes on planning your visit included.

Click the blue button to view the document

Click the black button to download the document

Click the black button to view and download the document. It must be stressed the file size of this document is fairly large, so it is best to download the 100 page document  to view it at your leisure

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