Fagley Lodge

Fagley Lodge is one of four lodges built by the Thornhill Trustees within the woodlands in the mid 1850’s. These were the forerunners of what was hoped to be a prestigious complex of superior residences earmarked for much of the woodland.

To this end, three Acts of Parliament were granted which allowed drives to be set out, and for leases to be sold in order to release the land for construction. Four lodges were built - Fagley Lodge, Apperley Lodge (or the Needles Eye as it was known locally), Carr Lodge and South Lodge.

Unfortunately for the Trustees the scheme did not take off and only one plot was leased for residence (Ferncliffe, or Champion House as it is known today). Today the roads and just three of the lodges remain, the fourth, the Needles Eye, having been demolished in the mid 1960’s on health and safety grounds.

The imposing structure of the former Apperley Lodge (Needles Eye) spanning Calverley Cutting

Fagley Lodge at the southern end of Ravenscliffe Wood

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