Farnley Balancing Reservoir

Farnley Balancing Reservoir and Silver Royd Hill collectively form one of the city’s Leeds Nature Areas, and offer a valuable green haven for wildlife and people alike. The reservoir was constructed in 1973 to control an irregular flow from Farnley Beck, and covers an area of around seven hectares. In the winter months the reservoir regularly attracts migrant wildfowl such as pochard, teal and goosander. During the summer, flocks of swallow and swift can be seen swooping over the water, scooping up flies and midges, before darkness falls, after which noctule and pipistrelle bats take over.

Farnley Balancing Reservoir as viewed from the Tong Road side

The vivid yellow splash of Charlock in the wild flower meadow at the eastern corner of the Farnley Balancing Reservoir green space

Spot the blue flowered cornflower plants and the solitary yellow corn marigold in all the yellow Charlock!!

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