Farnley Fish Pond

Following the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815, the return of thousands of soldiers swelled the ranks of the nation’s unemployed. Leeds landowners, like the Armitages, were encouraged to find employment for the veterans, and it was during this time that Farnley Fishpond was created – a job scheme ahead of its time. Nowadays the fish pond and its surrounds form a quiet haven for wildlife, and in 2004, in recognition of its value to wildlife, the site was designated as a Local Nature Reserve.

Farnley Fish Pond seen from the east end

Large quantities of hornwort thrive in the fish pond and provide cover for an assortment of aquatic invertebrates and fish besides food for wild fowl

A novel way to use a tree trunk. Carvings to depict woodland and wetland life, whilst at the top the woodpeckers have been actively sourcing tasty invertebrates

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