Farnley Hall Park

During the late fifteenth century the Danby family acquired Farnley Hall and its estate, which they used regularly for hunting. In 1586 Sir Thomas Danby rebuilt the hall, which was subsequently inherited in the mid seventeenth century by a descendent, also a Sir Thomas Danby. In 1756 much of the original hall was torn down by Christopher Danby and replaced by the smaller dwelling which still stands in Farnley Hall Park. Finally, in 1799, the hall and part of the estate were sold to James Armitage, thus breaking over 400 years of Danby ownership. By 1802 many of the landscape features still visible in the park, such as the ha-ha and parkland trees were established. In 1929 much of the estate was auctioned off by Robert Armitage, and eventually, in 1945 the hall, its surrounding parkland and Farnley Fishpond were sold to Leeds Corporation.

Farnley Hall with dog walkers in the foreground

The vast expanse of amenity grass at the front of Farnley Hall is a great place for a lunch-time  game of cricket

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