Farnley Wood

The countryside to the south east of New Farnley was once cloaked by a huge area of woodland known as Farnley Wood. It was here, on the night of 11th October 1663, that  29 men met to plot the downfall of Charles II. By dawn the conspirators had melted away, disillusioned by a pitiful turnout. However, Joshua Greathead, embittered by slights from his fellow conspirators turned informer and betrayed them to the authorities. As a result of his evidence sixteen men were hung, drawn and quartered at York, several more were executed on the gallows at Chapeltown Moor in Leeds and the remainder were executed at Appleby. Farnley Wood has now disappeared, but be warned, people have reported being hit by flying stones when there is no one in sight to throw them – are ghostly plotters still at large ?

Rolling agricultural landscape typifies the Farnley Wood area

View up the Wortley Beck valley from the edge of the Farnley Wood plateau

Musk mallow in full bloom along the road leading to Farnley Wood Farm

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