This initiative was started in 2005 to preserve, improve and publicise the recreational benefits of green space around and within the West Leeds conurbation.

The project has the full support of ward members in West Leeds and is co-ordinated and managed by Parks & Countryside, a service within the Environment and Neighbourhoods Department of Leeds City Council. The project involves numerous community groups, agencies, landowners as well as the West Leeds Area Support Team and local council members.

The key aims of the West Leeds Country Park & Green Gateways Initiative are to ensure: -

An integral part of the initiative is the West Leeds Country Park & Green Gateways trail. The 20 mile circular trail runs from the City Centre, through the green corridor of the Aire Valley and into the countryside around Calverley. From there the trail follows the green corridor between Leeds and Bradford, wends its way through the countryside south of Pudsey before finally entering the urban areas of Armley and Wortley. Here the interest is maintained by using the parks and ginnels as stepping stones to effect the full circle back to the Leeds Liverpool Canal and the City Centre.

To achieve the above aims and consolidate the importance of the trail it is important to protect the existing green space and this will be pursued through the Local Development Framework for West Leeds. Secondly it is essential to communicate to the communities of West Leeds and surrounding areas where the various green spaces and the trail are and how to access them. Part of this communication entails consultation exercises with various organisations and community groups within and around the area of the West Leeds Country Park and Green Gateways to explain the benefits and aspirations of the initiative. To ensure the initiative meets the needs of the various groups a list of objectives have been drawn up for consultative purposes.

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The view northwest along the Aire Valley as seen from Gotts Park 



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