Gibraltar Mill

Gibraltar Mill, which stood in the valley bottom below the hamlet of Gibraltar, or Delph End, was originally built in 1801 by Joseph Thackrah and Thomas Fairfax Carlisle. This was Pudsey’s only second steam powered wool scribbling and fulling mill, and, up until the mid nineteenth century,was the largest mill in Pudsey. Whilst the cobbled packhorse track, which led down to the mill from the Wildgrove estate, remains intact and accessible, the mill was finally pulled down in the 1930's.

The site of the former Gibraltar Mill and formally used by a company specialising in marble and granite with another still involved  in horse management

The cobbled packhorse track leading up to the Wildgrove Estate from the former Gibralter Mill site

Even the gate posts to the former Gibraltar Mill retain their function but with some new additions

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