Gotts Park

Municipal golf course, seating, gardens, Armley House and views over the Aire Valley are the key features of Gotts Park.

Mr. White first laid out the grounds around Armley House. However in 1810 Benjamin Gott brought in Humphrey Repton, the foremost landscape designer of his day to re-model the whole park. Much of Humphrey Repton's scheme survives to this day. Thick woods where planted along the top of the ridge along with a new drive which gave 'the view of an interior lawn surrounded by woods, the more extended views shown under the branches of the trees, which form an appropriate foreground to the distant scenery, increases the imaginary extent of the place, by showing it partially; and display its scenery by degrees, and in succession'. To appreciate this concept one needs  to walk along the drive to the house and round the building as well.

Spetacular view up the Aire Valley from the first tee of the Gotts Park golf course

The Lantern Walk, a footpath that runs through the golf course from Armley Park to Gotts Park going down the valley slope. In the  days gone by, when Burley Mills was a flourishing woollen mill, the workers used this path to get to work and return home. However in the winter months, the early start and late finish, meant the journey was done during the hours of darkness so a lantern came in useful. This historic trek has been acted out by primary school children wearing the appropriate period costumes.

Just another path? or a path with an interesting history. The 'Lantern Walk'

The view of Gotts Park from Armley Park showing some of the trees planted by Humphrey Repton. The roof of Armley House is just visible above the trees in the  centre ground

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