Hawksworth Wood

Hawksworth Wood is located on the east of the Oil Mill Beck valley. Contains extensive Birch/Oak woodland that also cover old quarry workings. Pockets of heathland thrive on the tips of the quarry spoil heaps that protrude into the valley. In addition the woodland site also has a wild flower meadow at its northern end by Butcher Hill, Oil Mill Beck on its west boundary, Abbey Mill Race,a  pond and also a network of paths and seating.

Heather pocket on the old quarry spoil heap 

Discarded shaped quarry stone showing the chisel marks of the stone mason.

One of three flights of stone steps that enable people to access the woods from Cragside Walk Recreation Ground

On the east border of Hawksworth Wood resides Cragside Walk Recreation Ground which has extensive grassy areas, play area, teen zone and a sports pitch.

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