Horsforth Village Museum

Interesting little museum run by volunteers and dedicated to researching the history of Horsforth. Information on the location, opening  times and services provided are detailed in their general leaflet below. If you wish to download a copy of this leaflet please click on the blue button below: -

  Complete leaflet comprising two pages A4 size 

Horsforth people played a pivotal role in the Second World War by raising £241,000 to adopt HMS Aubrietia. The disabling of German submarine U110 by HMS Aubrietia along with the salvaging of the German Enigma Coding Machine from this vessel in the North Atlantic by HMS Bulldog, enabled the Allies to decipher German transmissions leading to the ultimate defeat of the German Navy in the Atlantic. This particular aspect in the history of Horsforth is vividly displayed at the Museum. 

Residing on a stone plinth outside the Museum entrance is a plaque commemorating the adoption of HMS Aubrietia by the Horsforth Community  in 1941

Models of HMS Aubrietia on display in one of the exhibition rooms in the Museum. In the background is a photograph of the doomed German submarine U110 with HMS Bulldog in attendance 

HVMuseum Leaflet complete.pdf

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