Opportunity for you to test your patience and visual skills constructing various electronic jigsaw puzzles utilising photographs taken in the West Leeds Country Park. Be warned the more pieces the puzzle contains the harder it becomes to put them together!!! 

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Please note the following points: -

  1. Please note you can save the Jigsaw file in your download folder for future use otherwise instruct the browser to run the file. All the Jigsaw Puzzle files come with attached software to play the puzzles. In some instances your computer’s security system may block the opening of the jigsaw application file directly from the browser, so save the file. To open try right click on the saved file and then left click on “run as administrator”.
  2. The software to construct these Jigsaw Puzzles was kindly provided by Tibo Software whose web link is http://www.tibosoftware.com/jigsaw-puzzle.htm
  3. When the small picture of the jigsaw appears on the screen, left click on the picture to start  the game.

The Japanese Garden (63 pieces)

Kirkstall Abbey (154 pieces)

The Archway Steps of Armley Park (154 pieces)

Tower Works (45 pieces)

Kirkstall Forge (204 pieces)

Leeds City and St. Bartholomew's Church (405 pieces)

Tower Works.exe The Japanese Garden.exe Kirkstall Abbey.exe The Archway Steps of Armley Park.exe Kirkstall Forge.exe leeds_city_and_st._bartholomew_s_church.exe

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