Kirkstall Abbey Park

Kirkstall Abbey Park is one of the major city parks in Leeds having a number of key attractions that include Kirkstall Abbey, Abbey House Museum, Visitor Centre, Abbey Light Railway, play area, car park, gardens and extensive grasslands for events, general public recreation, football and rugby. A good network of footpaths give access to the various facilities and there is also a grass path alongside the river Aire. Throughout there are many trees of varying ages, the oldest forming the boulevards along the major rides through the park, others reside along the park boundaries and then there are small woodlands down by Kirkstall Goit and the river Aire.

The river Aire as seen from the sluice gates that control the water flow into Kirkstall Goit

The Terraced Gardens adjacent to the Abbey House Museum

The tarmacadam paths of the boulevards are great for a leisurely stroll and mastering the art of cycling at a tender age!!

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