Moravian Museum

Located on the south side of Pudsey in the district of Fulneck there is a Moravian settlement. This religious order was established in Fulneck by German Moravians in the mid 18th Century. Although the religious order is still active today, the school they built has expanded taking over many of the former Moravian buildings within the area of the settlement. To ensure that the history and development of the Moravian settlement was not lost to future generations, the Moravian Church set up a museum dedicated to the history of the Fulneck settlement and of the Moravian Church world wide. Below is a Moravian Museum fact sheet giving historical details of the Moravian Church and its involvement with other denominations: -

A leaflet  providing information on the Museum's location, opening times and various artefacts on display is shown below.

If you wish to download a copy of this leaflet please click on the blue button below: -

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