ACTION PLAN – Compartment 1 - Kirkstall Valley

Theme - Places









Management and maintenance of key Parks and Countryside owned and managed sites within the Kirkstall Valley compartment.

Formulate site management plans for sites managed by Parks and Countryside to develop site specific action plans; continue  monitoring and maintaining sites to high standard; source extra funding to develop projects.

High quality standard of Parks and Greenspaces maintained; increased public use and enjoyment.

Parks & Countryside, Local Stakeholder  



Parks & Countryside.


Condition of Grade II Listed Armley House and paths and steps in Gotts Park.

Monitor the condition and use of the building in respect to maintaining it; liaise with the Wades Charity. 

Significant building and associated structures kept in good repair; maintain good relations with Wades Charity.

LCC Planning Dept./ English Heritage; Parks & Countryside; Wades Trust.


Parks & Countryside, Wades Trust, Lottery funding.


Poor state of the Edwardian network of paths and steps in Armley Park.

Survey paths and steps to establish condition; liaise with Planning to check Listed status; if listed, follow protocol for restoration; seek funding.

Identify the work needed to restore the paths and steps; liaise with Planning to maintain good practice; seek funding to carry out the works.

Parks & Countryside.


English Heritage advice for other sources through Funds for Historic Buildings, including Lottery funding, Aggregates Levy.


Ascertain ownership of land in compartment 1, including that adjacent to the Leeds Bradford Road, between Bramley Fall and the “Turner” building

Establish ownership through LCC Land Terriers; offer up to local consultation a woodland planting scheme to link Bramley Fall and Monkswood.

Once ownership identified, the land can be added to or discounted from scheme to extend range of the woodland.

Parks & Countryside.



Provision and maintenance of boundary features, and access control within compartment 1.

Establish ownership through LCC Land Terriers; monitor condition of  gates, bollards, walls, fences and hedgerows; make repairs where necessary.

Preserves heritage  boundary features;  enhances the perception of  general maintenance; protects the site from unauthorised vehicular use.

Parks & Countryside.


Parks & Countryside, Highways, adjacent Landowners.


Disused quarry workings in Bramley Fall and Hawksworth Wood.

Assess hazard to the public; install pictogram hazard warning notices and, where appropriate, fencing.

Improved safety for public.

Parks & Countryside.


Parks  & Countryside.


Safety issues related to proximity of River Aire, the Leeds and Liverpool canal and other watercourses to Parks & Countryside owned/managed sites in this compartment.

Assess water hazard and install pictogram hazard warning notices, where appropriate, fencing.

Improved safety for public.

Parks & Countryside, British Waterways, adjacent landowners.


Parks & Countryside, adjacent landowners.

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