ACTION PLAN – Compartment 2 - Horsforth Plateau

Theme - Facilities (Amenities)









Circular routes for use by wheelchairs/mobility scooters and less ambient people in Horsforth Hall Park.

Identify potential routes; liaise with local groups and Parks & Countryside; if demand is high and provision supported by local groups progress provision; source funding; undertake necessary improvement; promotional and interpretive material to highlight and encourage their use.

Extends the routes available for wheelchair/mobility scooter users.

Parks & Countryside

Begin 2008.

Section 106, Local Transport Policy (LTP2), Highways, Parks & Countryside, Area Committees.


Poor condition of Calverley Lane picnic site.

Assess demand for picnic area; if appropriate, reinstate picnic benches, seating and linking paths and pads, including provision for wheelchair access; signage from the WLCP Green Gateways Trail; maintain and monitor the amenity.

Increases the range of facilities available for public; convenient for the WLCP Green Gateways Trail.

Parks & Countryside.

Begin 2009.

Parks & countryside.


Establish a series of Healthy Walking routes through parks and greenspace including - Hawksworth Woods, Horsforth Hall Park, Hall Lane greenspace and Hunger Hills.

Identify possible routes; liaise with local groups, West Leeds Healthy Living Network, West Leeds Walking Group and Parks & Countryside;  source funding; undertake necessary improvements to route and waymarking; promotional and interpretive material to highlight and encourage use.

Increases the range of amenities, benefits health and fitness.

Parks & Countryside, Local Stakeholder groups.

2008 - 2012.

Parks & Countryside, Area Committees, Lottery Funding.

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