ACTION PLAN – Compartment 2 - Horsforth Plateau

Theme - Facilities (Public Rights of Way)









Maintain the condition of the PRoW path network and associated access and bridging points including those used to service the Leeds Country Way and the WLCP Green Gateways Trail.

Monitor and maintain path surfaces, drainage, gates, stiles, steps, bridges etc. to facilitate their safe condition and use; seek funding.

An accessible and safe PRoW network; erosion and trampling of the surrounding area minimised; increased use by public due to reduction in mud etc.

Parks & Countryside, Local Stakeholder groups.


Local Transport Policy (LTP2), Highways, Parks & Countryside.


Links between PRoW in and around Compartment 2 of  the Country Park to create Community Green Gateways, using parks and other greenspaces as stepping stones.

Identify possible routes in partnership with local groups and Parks & Countryside; consult with  landowners to gain consent for the formalisation of  paths across their land to be  established as Community Green Gateways; source funding; formalise routes through waymarking and interpretive material.

Extends the available network of walks and trails in the WLCP; helps to establish routes within the Excluded Area; helps to offer more sustainable travel routes.

Parks & Countryside, Local Stakeholder groups.


Local Transport Policy (LTP2), Highways, Parks & Countryside.


Stretches of the towpath in Compartment 2 have obstacles to wheelchair / mobility scooter use e.g. stepped bridge over entrance to marina on the  canal to the rear of Armley Park.

Liaise with British Waterways to look for solutions; consultations with local user groups and Leeds Improvement Project to establish best solutions;  source funding; support Leeds Waterway Strategy idea for a water bus.

Extends the routes available for wheelchair/mobility scooter users.

British Waterways Parks & Countryside, Leeds Improvement Project, Local Stakeholder groups.

Begin 2008.

British Waterways, Lottery funding, Local Transport Policy (LTP2).

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