ACTION PLAN – Compartment 3 - Calverley Fringe

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Management and maintenance of key Parks & Countryside owned and managed sites, within the Calverley Fringe compartment.

Formulate site management plans for sites managed by Parks & Countryside to develop site specific action plans; continue  monitoring and maintaining sites to high standard; source extra funding to develop projects.

High quality standard of Parks and Greenspaces maintained; increased public use and enjoyment.

Parks & Countryside, Local Stakeholder Groups.


Parks & Countryside.


Liaise with Thornhill Estates to set up a 10 year lease of the Calverley Woods complex, including Mudge Bank Woods, Lodge Wood, Calverley Woods, Bill Wood, Round Wood, Ravenscliffe Woods.

Continue liaison with Thornhill Estates and their land agents, Savilles to  settle a leasehold agreement; compile a management plan to set out Parks & Countryside’s proposed management; source funding through Forestry Commission.

Increases the suite of land formally managed by Parks & Countryside for recreation and nature conservation.

Thornhill Estates, Savilles, LCC Development, Parks & Countryside.


Thornhill Estates,Parks & Countryside, Forestry Commission.


Ascertain ownership of private land within  compartment 3.

Establish current ownership of land within the WLCP; maintain a  database of ownership.

Helps with liaison and communication; resolving neighbouring issues which may arise.

Parks & Countryside.


Parks & Countryside.


Safety issues related to proximity of River Aire, Leedsand Liverpool canal and various other watercourses to the Calverley Wood Complex, and the lake at  Woodhall Lake.

Assess water hazard and install pictogram hazard warning notices.

Improved safety for public.

Parks & Countryside, British Waterways, adjacent landowners


Parks & Countryside, British Waterways, adjacent landowners


Care of Scheduled Monument (Cup marked rock ref: SM 29120) in Calverley Woods.

Contact West Yorkshire Archaeological Service to identify Scheduled Ancient Monuments; monitor to keep the data up to date.

Identifies  location of important archaeological sites and features; ensures that designated features are protected from damage.

Parks & Countryside.


Parks & Countryside.


Safety issues related to disused quarry workings in Calverley Woods.

Assess hazard to the public; install pictogram hazard warning notices and, where appropriate, fencing.

Improved safety for public.

Parks & Countryside.

Ongoing and dependent on a proposed lease agreement with Thornhill Estates.

Parks & Countryside.


Provision and maintenance of boundary features, and access control within compartment 3.

Establish ownership through LCC Land Terriers; monitor condition of gates, bollards, walls, fences and hedgerows; make repairs where necessary.

Preserves heritage  boundary features; enhances the perception of  general maintenance; protects the site from unauthorised vehicular use.

Parks & Countryside.


Parks & Countryside, Highways, adjacent landowners.

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