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Maintaining the condition of the PRoW path network and associated access and bridging points, in order to make them suitable for their intended use.

Monitor and maintain path surfaces, drainage, gates, stiles, steps, bridges etc. to facilitate their safe condition and use; seek funding in line with recommendations in the Rights of Way Improvement Plan.

An accessible and safe PRoW network; erosion and trampling of the surrounding area minimised; increased use by public due to reduction in mud etc.

Parks & Countryside,

Adjacent landowners.


Local Transport Policy (LTP2), Highways, Parks & Countryside.


Access/PRoW network within all Community Parks in the WLCP should meet the Leeds Quality Parks standard.

Carry out a LQP audit and assessment of each Community Park within the Country Park; identify improvements which need to be made to access and the PRoW network and funding required; undertake improvements and monitor.

Increased visitor satisfaction and visits to Community Parks across the WLCP.

Parks & Countryside.


Parks & Countryside,

Area Committee,

Highways, Green Leeds,

Section 106.


Protecting the existing PRoW network from inappropriate/unauthorised use e.g. vehicular traffic/horses & cycles on footpaths.

Provide suitable signage/waymarking to inform users of  appropriate use of paths; install barriers to prevent improper use of paths, in particular vehicular.

Safer use of PRoW network by legitimate users; reduction in erosion of surrounding area; reduction in conflicts of interest.

Parks & Countryside,

West Yorkshire Police.


Local Transport Policy (LTP2), Highways, Parks & Countryside.


PRoW obstructed through accidental/intentional means making access difficult or impossible, also includes overgrown vegetation.

Monitor accessibility of PRoW through regular surveying and/or set up framework  for communication with regular users to report problems.

Better accessibility along PRoW; reduction in erosion/damage caused by attempts to bypass obstruction.

Parks & Countryside,

Adjacent  landowners.


Local  Transport Policy (LTP2), Highways, Parks & Countryside.


Need to improve accessibility for people with mobility problems.

Improve access  for people along PRoW  into parks and greenspaces, in line with recommendations in the Rights of Way Improvement Plan.

Access to greenspaces increased for people with disabilities; also opens access up to pushchairs.

Parks & Countryside .


Local  Transport Policy (LTP2), Highways, Parks & Countryside.


PRoW’s  truncated or bisected by road or building, and a lack of provision made for safe crossing points. e.g. A647 Leeds/Bradford Road at Thornbury.

Identify popular/linking PRoW which would benefit from crossing points and install a suitable crossing point to accommodate the users.

Extends the PRoW network; improves safety; encourages use by public.

Highways; Development;

Parks & Countryside.


Local Transport Policy (LTP2), Highways, Parks & Countryside.


Limited and fragmented Bridleway provision throughout the WLCP area.

Identify possible routes; consult with PRoW Section for guidance, landowners for consent; liaise with user groups for suitability; follow set DEFRA  redesignation procedures; seek funding.

Increased accessibility for horse riders and cyclists; reduces pressure on existing network.

Highways, Parks & Countryside.


Local Transport Policy (LTP2),Highways, Parks & Countryside.


No definitive PRoW network in the Excluded Area of central Leeds.

Continue with the ongoing lengthy process of mapping the excluded area.

Increases the PRoW to the Urban Core areas; makes links with existing PRoW network; facilitates the creation of smaller circular Green Gateway walks within privately owned land.

Highways, Parks & Countryside.

Cut off 2026

RoWIP completion date of 2010.

Highways, Parks & Countryside.


Consultation and liaison with user groups to establish new routes and links.

Continue with the WLCP Forum as a vehicle for discussion; attendance of group meetings; setting up of a WLCP newsletter to exchanging ideas and information.

Provision of facilities which meet the needs and wants of user groups; good relations with groups due to collaborative working and inclusiveness.

Parks & Countryside.


Parks & Countryside.


Proximity of barbed wire fences to paths and access points such as stiles.

Survey and monitor fence lines adjacent to PRoW; liaise with landowners where appropriate to resolve issues.

Improves safety for path users; protects landowner from claims for injury.

Parks & Countryside.


Highways, Parks & Countryside.


Volunteering opportunities on PRoW.

Identify suitable programme of works and advertise volunteering opportunities to local community; identify established groups interested in volunteering.

Increases a sense of involvement and pride of place with local communities and user groups; good for health and wellbeing; helps overall improvement of facilities.

Parks & Countryside.


Parks & Countryside.


Identifying funding for improvements to PRoW.

Identify sources of funding available to help Improve & maintain the PRoW network.

Increased revenue to achieve identified needs and resolve issues.

Parks & Countryside.


Parks & Countryside.


Erosion and collapse of waterside paths, including the River Aire.

Repair, or where necessary, realign paths to avoid abrasive sections of watercourse.

Maintains a safe and usable network of paths adjacent to watercourses, enabling people to make use of popular routes.

Parks & Countryside.

When required (RoWIP).

Local Transport Policy (LTP2), Highways, Parks & Countryside.


Signposting of direction and destination of PRoW from metalled roads.

Contribute to the planned RoWIP proactive signposting strategy; identify where signs needed and work in partnership with PRoW to supply.

Provides public clearer directions for accessing and using paths, so increases confidence and avoids conflicts by identifying appropriate use.

Parks & Countryside.

2017 (RoWIP).

Local Transport Policy (LTP2), Highways, Park & Countryside.

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