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Extending the West Leeds Country Park and Green Gateways area.

Where appropriate, take on the care and management of land vested with other LCC departments / leased or donated land from local landowners within the WLCP boundary.

Increases the area of land available for recreation and contributes to the linkage of the suite of wildlife habitats.

Development, Asset Management; Parks & Countryside.

Ongoing and subject to land availability.

Arbitrary and subject to type and extent of land.


Care  and maintenance of  the  basic infrastructure of Parks and Countryside greenspaces in respect of path ways and steps, car parks, horticultural beds, boundary structures etc.

Continue monitoring and maintaining sites to high standard. Formulate site management plans for specific sites managed by Parks and Countryside.

High quality standard of Parks and Greenspaces maintained; increased public use and enjoyment.

Parks & Countryside.


Parks & Countryside; Area Committee; Green Leeds; Section 106.


All Community Parks located within the WLCP boundary should meet the Leeds Quality Park Standard.

Carry out a LQP audit and assessment of each Community Park within the Country Park; identify improvements which need to be made and funding required; undertake improvements and monitor.

Increased visitor satisfaction and visits to Community Parks across the WLCP.

Parks & Countryside.


Parks & Countryside; Area Committee;Green Leeds; Section 106


Monitoring, maintenance, and protection of Listed Buildings and structures for which Parks and Countryside have responsibility.

Liaise with appropriate bodies to prioritise care of places on At Risk Register; source funding to undertake relevant surveys and suggested maintenance; ongoing general maintenance to minimise decline.

Listed Buildings/Structures will be removed from the At Risk Register and a use found where appropriate.

English Heritage; Development, Asset Management; Parks & Countryside.


Costs  subject to survey and assessment of buildings/structures requirements. English Heritage advice for other sources through Funds for Historic Buildings, including Lottery funding, Aggregates Levy, Grants for Historic Buildings, monuments and Designed Landscapes.


Public health and safety especial with regard to disused quarry workings and watercourses.

Maintain ongoing monitoring and maintenance of greenspace infrastructure and features to minimise accidents; relevant signage and access control installed where appropriate to safeguard visitors/users.

Incidents and accidents reduced; increased use and enjoyment of sites by visitors.

Adjacent landowners, British Waterways, Parks & Countryside.

2008 - 09.

Parks & Countryside budgets.


Crime and anti social activities including dog fouling, littering and fly tipping; burnt out cars.

Adoption of Safer Leeds Strategy; Patrols and education of the public with regard to acceptable behaviour; installation of signage and posting of byelaws to warn and deter miscreants; liaison with various agencies  to curb anti social behaviour & crime.

Crime and perception of crime reduced, enjoyment increased through greater sense of security; increased visitors numbers with even greater impact on anti social behaviour.

West Yorkshire Police; Weetwood and Pudsey Divisional Community Safety Partnership; Neighbourhood Wardens; Police Community Support Officer;  Environment Agency; LCC‘s Enforcement team; Parks & Countryside.


Area Committee; Parks & Countryside.


Conformity of amenities and facilities to Disability Discrimination Act guidelines.

Improve access to and along PRoW for people with disabilities by  phased replacement of relevant infrastructure with accessible gates, suitable path surfaces.

Access to greenspaces increased for people with disabilities; also opens access up to pushchairs.

Parks & Countryside.


DDA funding.

Local Transport Policy (LTP2).


Establishing ownership of neighbouring land.

Establish current ownership of land within the WLCP; maintain a  database of ownership.

Help with liaison and communication;  resolving neighbouring issues which may arise.

Development; Parks & Countryside.


Parks & Countryside.


Identifying and protecting Archaeological / heritage features.

Contact West Yorkshire Archaeological Service to identify Scheduled Ancient Monuments ; set up a database; monitor to keep the data up to date.

Identify  location of important archaeological sites and features; consult with relevant bodies as to their care; ensures that designated features are protected from damage.

West Yorkshire Archaeological Advisory Service; English Heritage Development’s Conservation and Heritage Team;  Parks & Countryside.


Parks & Countryside.


Monitoring and removal of accumulated rubbish in watercourses running through Parks and Countryside sites including the River Aire and Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

Identify hot spot locations for accumulations; check watercourses for protected wildlife species and mitigate for their protection during clearance; remove rubbish and if possible any causes of blockages.

Cleaner watercourses and cleanliness of banks on adjacent site ; reduction in possibilities of flooding.

SORM (Action Aire) Partners; British Waterways; Environment Agency; Yorkshire Water; Land Drainage and Becks Inspectorate; Parks & Countryside.


Arbitrary - subject to routine clearance or when  required.

British Waterways; Mains Drainage; Parks & Countryside.


Need for and provision of car parking areas and cycle racks.

Install sturdy/ and secure cycle racks where appropriate; retain and maintain present car parking  provision; provide spaces for disabled drivers;  where space, demand, funding and safety permits, provide additional car parking areas, following  heavy consultation with local groups and Highways, ensuring that bridleway access points are given adequate clearance; source funding. Adoption of safer car parking scheme.

Cycle stands encourage non-car use.

Car parks encourage greater use of out of the way greenspaces, especially for people with limited mobility.

Highways, Sustainable Transport; Parks & Countryside.

Bike racks – 2008 to 2010.

Car parking - ongoing.

Loca Transport Policy (LTP2) funding for Sustainable Transport.


Need to identify and secure extra funding to make improvements to areas of parks and greenspaces.

Identify sources of funding available to help with management & maintenance and health and safety issues; make applications where appropriate.

Increased revenue to achieve identified needs and resolve issues.

Parks & Countryside.


Parks & Countryside.

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