Key Aims, Objectives and Themes

These are intended to target the main management goals for the Country Park, and are aimed at improving and safeguarding greenspaces and facilities.

Key aims form the basis of a prescriptive management process, and in to this feeds a series of objectives and action plans, which describe factors such as issues, the type of work to be undertaken, and by whom, timescales and possible sources of funding.

Key Aims

In order to support the Vision of the West Leeds Country Park and Green Gateways initiative, four key Aims have been prescribed, following consultation with the Stakeholders.

These will ensure that there will be: –


In order to achieve the Key Aims, and following consultation with the Stakeholders, a rolling framework of short, medium and long term objectives has been established.

These will ensure that there will be: –

Short term objectives will largely be directed by the medium and long term ones, and will put into place a number of targets which will eventually result in the realisation of all objectives within the horizon of this management plan.

It is intended that objectives will evolve with the initiative, helping it to remain current and able to take advantage of changes in policy direction and new funding streams.

To help facilitate this, as each set of objective is achieved, a new set will be rolled forward in order to maintain the momentum of the initiative.


The four outlined Key Aims above have thrown up a corresponding series of Themes. These will be used to explore the main issues acting on the initiative, and look at the means of addressing them through Themed Action Plans.

The Themes considered under this plan include: –

Although they will be considered individually, in reality the Themes are all interconnected, and each impacts on or is influenced by the others to benefit the West Leeds Country Park as shown below: -






For example, the creation of a wildflower meadow in a park will improve the park visually; increase its range of facilities by providing additional interest; make the park more attractive to wildlife and improve the visitor’s experience by the addition and subsequent increased wildlife.

For a fuller explanation of the four themes explaining their aims, rationale and short, medium and long term objectives please use the table below: -










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The long term Vision of the West Leeds Country Park and Green Gateways initiative is: - 

To preserve greenspace within the West Leeds Country Park and Green Gateways area, and to make it accessible for public recreation


It is important to establish, agree and set down the aims, objectives and action plans for the West Leeds Country Park initiative in order to: -

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