New Farnley

The arrival of the Armitage family at Farnley Hall in 1799, heralded a boom in the mining and processing of coal, fireclay and ironstone in the Farnley and Wortley areas. However, the extra manpower required also resulted in the need for more homes. In order to provide these, the Armitages created the village we know today as New Farnley. Towards the end of the nineteenth century Farnley’s coal and ironstone resources declined rapidly resulting in the closure of 73 pits.

Croft Terrace or Gaffer's Row. Originally these houses where for the managers and supervisors working in the various industries controlled by the Armitage family

Another line of terraced houses on Playground built to provide homes for the workers in Armitage's various industries.

Bricks made by the Farnley Iron Company that belonged to the Armitage Family

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