Newlay Bridge

Considered one the oldest iron bridges in the county. Originally built by John Pollard in 1819 to connect the road from Whitecote to the Leeds-Horsforth turnpike. Tolls where collected from the two cottages at the north end of the bridge.

Structurally the bridge is composed of segmental arched cast iron ribs inter-connected by cast iron lattice braces stayed by wrought iron rods and was cast by Aydon and Elwell at the Shelf Iron Works near Bradford.

Newlay Bridge as seen from near the sluices which allowed water to flow along a goit to Kirkstall Forge. The dam seen in the foreground was constructed in the 17th Century to provide water to power the forge via the Kirkstall Forge Goit 

Commemorative plaque about Newlay Bridge

The two toll houses on either side of Newlay Bridge

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