Part 1 - Granary Wharf to Bramley Fall Woods

The map below shows the first section of the West Leeds Country Park & Green Gateways Trail that runs from Granary Wharf  to Bramley Fall Woods. Throughout this section the trail uses the Leeds Liverpool canal towpath. Please note that the map also shows other nearby sites of interest many of which can be visited using access routes shown by black dots.

For information on the various sites click on the numbered buttons on the map.

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  The map comprises four pages A4 size 

  The map comprises two pages A3 size   

Burley Goit Newlay Bridge Abbey Inn Outwood and Rein Road Hawksworth Wood Newlay Meadow Nineteenth Century Stone Drop Kirkstall Forge Bramley Fall Woods Kirkstall Abbey Park Abbey House Museum Kirkstall Abbey Monkswood Hollybush Farm Abbey Mills Wild Flower Meadow Kirkstall Valley Nature Reserve Kirkstall Wild Flower Garden Gotts Park Armley House Armley Park Leeds Industrial Museum Dunkirk Hill Botany Bay Scotch Foundry Office Kirkstall Viaduct Armley Jail The Leeds Forge Castleton Mill Railway Workshops Stone Bridge Monk Bridge Central Leeds Nature Reserve The Tower Works Leeds Liverpool Canal Leeds Liverpool Canal Warehouse Dark Arches City Station Kirkstall Abbey Park

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West Leeds Country Park Part 1 Granary Wharf to Bramley Fall A4 Complete.pdf Part 1 Granary Wharf to Bramley Fall A3 Complete_1.pdf