Much of this route follows valleys running below the high ground to the south and west of Pudsey. Indeed the elevated  position of  Pudsey  on  the  landscape is reflected in Domesday records, in which Pudsey is recorded as Podeschesaie, derived from Pudoc, an Old English personal name, and heagh meaning high ground. Atop this high ground is St. Lawrence church, which is set on one of the highest points in Pudsey, a vantage point which means  the church can be seen from a number of points along the trail.

St. Lawrence Church viewed from the north side

 St. Lawrence Church on the horizon

Although a tiny speck on the horizon, the church can even be seen from Cabbage Hill in Upper Wortley

This noble monument hides under a cherry tree in the churchyard. The epitaph commemorates the death of Alice Rayner in 1858, who was the wife of Joseph Rayner a drysalter of Pudsey

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