Railway Workshops

On the south side of the Leeds Liverpool Canal are located the former Railway Workshops. To view these structures it is best to cross the canal at  St. Ann's Ing Lock and take the path along the north side of the canal to the flight of steps leading onto Wellington Road. Turn left on Wellington Road, walk a short distance to take the next left into Grainger's Way. This route takes you into the heart of the former Railway Workshops with the Round House built in c1846 on the right, a crescent-shaped repair shop of c1870 on the left. Further down the Grainger's Road beyond the crescent-shaped building can be seen the former row of forges and fitting shops on the left side. These latter buildings can also be viewed from the canal.

There was also a second round house built in 1873 but this has since been demolished.

The east side of the round house which is now used by a firm specialising in vehicle hire

The former crescent railway workshop takes on a new lease of life as a wine warehouse 


The long line of former forges and fitting shops now used as business units

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