Ross Mills

Mills have been present on this site for over 800 years, the first was gifted to the Cistercian Monks, at Kirkstall Abbey in the 13th Century by Adam de Reineville.

In the early 19th century the mills on this site were used by James Hudson for scribbling and fulling woollen cloth, the first scribbling machine in the area being installed here. Despite the mills being damaged by fire in 1829 and 1866, the mills continued to be used for the production of woollens by James Stead and his family from the mid nineteenth century to 1910, and then by William Pearson and Company, woollen manufacturers.

Today the complex is used by a variety of individual businesses and is known collectively as Rossett Business Park.

Various small businesses active in a building that once constituted part of the Ross Mills site

One of a number of swing bridges seen along the canal that give access to properties on the other side of the canal

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