Smalewell Mill

To the east of Gibraltar Mill, adjacent to Tyersal Lane, stood the former Smalewell Mill. This woollen mill was first constructed in 1821, but on the night of 9th November 1867 a fire broke out in the boiler house. Despite the attendance of Pudsey’s brand new fire engine which was successful in extinguishing the fire, the roof fell in and £500 worth of damage was sustained.

Buffy Lump is a tiny cottage, which featured on the 1817 enclosure map and lay close to Smalewell Mill. Built from stone taken from Uppermoor Quarry, this tiny remnant of Pudsey’s past finally succumbed in more recent times to the development of a larger and more palatial 'Buffy Lump Cottage'.

The original Buffy Lump Cottage with past inhabitants

The only reminder of the former Buffey Lump Cottage is the name plate on the gate. The access road to the new cottage goes through the land on which Smalewell Mill once stood

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