St. Wilfrid's Church, Calverley

The oldest parts of St. Wilfrid’s Parish church are to be found in the nave and date back to around 1150 AD, although the majority of the church fabric can be attributed to the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. The altar is Elizabethan and there is also a Jacobean cover on the font. In July 1644, around the time of the Battle of Marston Moor, Parliamentary troops and horses under Oliver Cromwell were said to have been billeted at the church.

St. Wilfrid's  Church as seen from the south side

Black Face Welsh Mountain Sheep (Sub-variety Torddu - white fleece with black face and belly) being used to control the grass in the cemetery

He may be forgotton with time, but Matthew Balme's endeavours on the ten hour bill has helped to shape the working conditions of our future generations

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