The Leeds Forge

In 1873 Samson Fox constructed the Leeds Forge on the site of a former Norman motte and bailey castle. At first best Yorkshire iron was made here, but in 1883 it changed to Siemens-Martin open hearth steel, producing up to 600 tons per week.

Key products of the forge were pressed steel frame plates for railway rolling stock for use in Britain, Australia, South Africa and India. At this forge Samson Fox also originated the corrugated boiler tubes, which enabled higher steam pressures to be produced, thus allowing more powerful and efficient steam engines to be introduced, particularly for the marine trade.

When viewed from across the canal, the great masonry foundations of the forge are actually built from blocks of waste slag from the furnaces here. 

Remaining foundations of the Leeds Forge as seen from the Leeds Liverpool Canal towpath and southeast of Kirkstall Viaduct 

Section of remaining Leeds Forge foundations as seen from across the Leeds Liverpool Canal and located west of Oddy Locks 

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