In the 1700’s England formed a regular embarkation point for Moravian missionaries leaving for the Americas and West Indies. Eventually members of the Moravian Church settled here too. One such colony was founded in the mid 1740’s on the twenty-two acre Falneck estate. The name later changed to Fulneck, after a town in Moravia. The initial building phase encompassed a chapel with accommodation for the brethren and a school. Over time further additions to these buildings created the broad terrace, known as The Terrace, which overlooks the Tong valley. Close by, other buildings such as the shop, bakery and various workshops where established to service the community. This settlement has changed little, although the school, initially established to educate the children of Moravian missionaries, has expanded utilising many of the former Moravian buildings and is open to all children. There is also a museum, which is open to the public during the summer months.

Fulneck - The Moravian Settlement

 The Terrace as seen from the Dyehouse Lane end

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