The Tower Works

The towers were once part of the T.W. Harding's factory  which specialised in the manufacture of pins for wool, flax, cotton, silk combing and for card cloth. The business originated in Lille in 1837 but established their works in Leeds during the early 1860's.

The smaller tower with the octagonal top is a copy of the campanile of the Palazzo del Signore in Verona, but was designed to serve as a chimney here by Thomas Shaw in 1864.

The large square tower represents a copy of Giotto,s campanile of 1334 at the Duomo in Florence. Constructed in 1889 by the architect William Bakewell for the purpose of extracting fine iron dust produced by the grinding wheels. The structure is decorated with bands of coloured brickwork throughout its height, while the window openings are filled with glittering panels of golden tiles. 

Towers of the former T.W. Harding pin manufacturing works as seen from the near the former Leeds Liverpool Canal Office.

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