West Leeds Country Park Visitor Centre


The Visitor Centre incorporates a selection of themed areas depicting the various habitats found throughout the Country Park.

Habitat themes: -

 Breaking  down each to look at: -

Public Activities:

Guided walks in the West Leeds Country Park: -

To see the full list of guided walks taking place in the West Leeds Country Park click  on either: -

The guided walks  offer a great opportunity to find out more about bats, birds, trees, fungi or wildflowers for example and are open to all.

Activities at the West Leeds Country Park Visitor Centre: -

Illustrated displays at the West Leeds County Park Visitor Centre:

Activities cover such aspects as: -

To find out when these activities are being held in the Visitor Centre please contact Rob Driver, Zoo Education Officer on 0113 3367553 or e-mail robert.driver@leeds.gov.uk. In addition click on Public events for Autumn Winter 2015/2016.

Woodlands: -

Aquatic/wetlands: -

Gardens: -

Mission Statement:

To raise awareness about the importance and diversity of the wildlife and their habitats in the West Leeds Country Park.


The West Leeds Country Park (WLCP)  initiative seeks to conserve and enhance the landscape and natural heritage of the green space surrounding West Leeds and to actively encourage people, especially those living and working in the urban core contained within it, to explore and enjoy. The scheme looks largely at the land in the west of Leeds which falls into the greenbelt boundary, and in particular the sites managed by Leeds City Council’s Parks and Countryside for nature conservation and recreation.

It is also concerned with preserving the landscapes and the character of the project area.

The  WLCP visitor centre is intended as an introduction to the Country Park, offering information about the park, and the animals and environments  within its boundaries.


The WLCP Visitor Centre is an  interactive education based attraction which also houses  live displays of indigenous animal species found within the country park. The animal displays  are intended to show visitors the wealth of interesting , and in some cases endangered, wildlife which resides on our doorstep, but which we may know little about.  The display interpretation will explain the various ecosystems and habitats found within the Country Park, and the efforts of LCC staff, conservation groups and other interested parties  to maintain these systems, thus ensuring that they remain part of our  natural heritage.

Artificial woodland habitat showing various fungi and plants likely to be seen. Includes an educational option of "brass rubbing" commonly found invertebrates as seen on the log


Curriculum based information.

We will make available: -

Work sheets and interpretive information - linked in to the various curriculum subjects and key stages topics, particularly for science and to some extent geography: -

Teachers packs - to suggest activities / links between exhibits and science topics such as: -

An outdoor classroom - It is intended that the wildlife area within Pudsey Park, which has been set up in collaboration with the Pudsey Civic Society, will compliment the visitor centre as a outdoor classroom and that they will link together in order to further provide information and understanding about wildlife in west Leeds, and the habitats it depends on.

Delivery of Activities and Education:

Largely to be undertaken by Leeds City Council Parks and Countryside officers, including: –

Illustrated display about wildlife on your doorstep and ways in which you can help to conserve them

Displays cover the following topics: -

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