Western Flatts Park

Joseph Cliff made his fortune at a time when Victorian Leeds was experiencing a housing boom, by excavating clay from pits in the Wortley area, from which he manufactured building bricks, chimney pots and glazed sanitary-ware. In 1843 Joseph built Western Flatts House, which was regarded as the most distinguished house in New Wortley. Here he and his wife Alice raised 14 children, many of whom shared their fathers sense of philanthropy. Their daughter, Alice, was instrumental in forming the RSPCA. In 1902 her brother Walter provided the land on which Leeds Corporation established Western Flatts Park, and this was followed in 1929 by the donation of Western Flatts House to the Corporation by their brother, Stephen.

Walled Rose Garden at Cross Flatts Park

The park's crown bowling green much favoured by our senior citizens for recreational purposes

The cherry lined path provides a shady and cool route for a stroll on a hot day

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