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Stepping stones across Pudsey Beck and permissive path to enable the public to access the Definitive Path Pudsey 52 by the edge of the former Pudsey Sewage Farm from Post Hill Local Nature Reserve. Permissions have been granted by the landlord, Yorkshire Water. Funding has come from Councillor Mick Coulson and Councillor Ann Blackburn with Pudsey Plant Hire to do the work. As soon as the weather improves efforts will be made to move suitable stone blocks on site to the beck for positioning.

£88,477 funded project to improve Dunkirk Hill for wildlife and public recreation. This work has been undertaken to re-instate the former picnic areas, restore the views across the Aire valley, deter unsuitable miscreant activity, refurbish the tarmacadam route to the Armley Industrial Museum and revive the various habitats for wildlife and environmental education. All trees, bar one mature oak tree, to be removed from the banking facing the Leeds Liverpool Canal to reduce the shading that was interfering with the aquatic habitats in the canal and to prevent trees failing and falling into the canal.


Project in progress


Project complete 


Restore the Kirkstall Wild Flower Garden utilising BTCV volunteer labour and Parks staff. The work will involve cutting the wild flower meadow, thinning out the tree plantations, restoring the wooden directional signage, preserving the bog habitat, re-instating the cobbled edging on some of the steps and repairing the stone walls besides a general litter clearance. Following extensive work by the conservation volunteers and the Park’s staff the work is largely complete.

Depending on funding will continue to use the Conservation Volunteers to cut the wild flower meadow every autumn with the herbage raked off.

The signing of a lease agreement between Leeds City Council and Thornhill Estates now allows Calverley Wood, Lodge Wood, Bill Wood, Round Wood and Ravenscliffe Wood to be used for public open recreation and allow suitable woodland management to be initiated to benefit flora and fauna. One of the first priorities on acquiring the site was to make the quarry safe by erecting a fence and installing warning signs. This requirement is reaching completion

To encourage greater use of Uppermoor Quarry two paths with steps have been created to allow the public to access definitive footpath Pudsey 63 that links Gibraltar Road with Tyersal Lane and runs along the western edge of the site giving extensive views across the Tyresal Beck valley towards Bradford. Materials are available to construct two benches by the public footpath to allow the public to appreciate the views, just waiting for a suitable Countryside Ranger supervised group to install.

Project in progress

Supporting a Well-being Grant that The Friends of Post Hill successfully obtained to effect improvements at Post Hill and to encourage greater school use of the site for environmental education. The Post Hill School Information Leaflet is complete and has been distributed to various local schools. Wild flower plugs have been inserted in the meadow closest to Wood Lane. Countryside Rangers with volunteer groups have grubbed out young tree saplings to retain the integrity of the wild flower meadow. Besides planting alder buckthorn on the woodland edge to benefit Brimstone butterfly caterpillars, the funding will support further woodland edge clearance work to ensure the retention of the meadow area.

Project complete

Project in progress

Creation of a healing garden in the enclosed garden at Kirkstall Abbey Park. Partnership with the Neo-mums group. Grant funded project which will see the removal of much of the existing vegetation and the creation of borders with plants that have been used through the centuries and by the monks at Kirkstall Abbey for healing purposes. The project will include a shelter within the garden for the Neo-mums and their infants besides interpretation to explain the uses of the various plants. Neo-mums at present formalising their plans and becoming a constituted group to facilitate the grant application.

Project being monitored

A second attempt has been undertaken to establish Black Poplars at Rodley Cricket Ground alongside the river Aire. These trees were planted in the spring of 2014 and will be monitored. This project was part of a much bigger scheme which has included the successful establishment of a small mixed broadleaf woodland on an area of waste ground north of the spoil heap on which the sports clubhouse resides.

Woodland access grant scheme  with match funding from section 106 funds to improve the following paths and associated facilities in Gotts and Armley Park: -

Grant application to be initiated once Forestry Commission funding streams are again in place

Improvements to definitive footpath Pudsey 156 in Post Hill. £40,000 set aside from the West Leeds Country Park Capital Scheme will be used for this scheme. An additional benefit of this work is the improved path will provide access for woodland thinning to be undertaken in the semi-natural woodland at the Troydale end and also the younger woodland in the rest of the wood.

The works entail: -

1. Access track from Wood Lane requires better drainage and surface

2. Link section between the two meadows requires edge support, digging out (To clear fallen scree) and revetting on the up-hill side

3. Section of the path through the woodland to Troydale requires diverting away from the beck and a better quality surface.

Works largely completed

The installation of 8 cycle stands at Kirkstall Abbey Park in partnership with Kirkstall Valley Community Association utilising mice money from the Kirkstall Councillors and a Green Leeds Grant. Have received permission from English Heritage for the location of the cycle racks, as they will be inserted on a land designated as a Scheduled Ancient Monument. Project involved an archaeological watch and the cycle stands were erected by NEO Property Solutions. There will be 4 adult and 4 children bicycle stands.

Construction of a stone information point providing a panoramic photograph of the vista from Woodhall Hills with text and close-up pictures of key features that can be seen from this view point. Funded by a Well-being grant and part of the Calverley Millenium Way project. The stone plinth has been built by Parks & Countryside Area West Special Works team. Now awaiting good weather to take suitable photographs for the interpretation panel.

Project complete

Partnership with the Canal and River Trust to reinstate the wooden benches along the Leeds Liverpool Canal from the City Centre to Apperley Bridge. Approximately 20 benches were originally installed at fairly regular intervals along the towpath by the Kirkstall Valley Ranger in the 1990s. This project is now complete.

Construction of a stone information point providing a panoramic photograph of the vista from Hunger Hills with text and close-up pictures of key features that can be seen from this view point. Project in partnership with the Friends of Hunger Hills. Grant obtained from Green Leeds with match funding from Horsforth  Town Councillors. The location of the information point is on the new Northwest Leeds Country Park and Green GatewaysTrail . Waiting for good weather to take the required photographs.

Project in progress

Grant application in progress

Project complete

Project in progress

Restoration work complete and received funding from the Kirkstall Councillors to hire the allen scythe.

Woodland management lease for Calverley Woods. This arrangement with Thornhill Estates would enable the public to roam freely through the woods with the estate providing a small revenue budget to assist in the management and interpretation of the woods by Leeds City Council Parks & Countryside Service. The Service would seek grant aid to supplement the budget to achieve additional works. A 5 year lease has now been agreed with Thornhill Estates and a management plan for the woods is in place.

Creation and erection of interpretation boards and way marking posts for the West Leeds Country Park and Green Gateways trail.

Developing the West Leeds Country Park Visitor Centre species recovery programme in Pudsey Park. Following a visit by Ian Hughes (Native Species Co-ordinator and BIAZA Liaison for Dudley Zoo) four projects are to be developed which will focus on the breeding in captivity of four endangered species with the long term aim of introducing them back into the wild within the West Leeds Country Park and other appropriate locations. The species are the Tansy Beetle, The White Clawed Crayfish, Barberry Carpet Moth and the Mud Snail.

The programme has started with the Tansy Beetle project. To date two plantings of Tansy plants have been established on Post Hill and one at the back of the West Leeds Country Park Visitor Centre. Due to the successful growth of tansy plants at the Visitor Centre  along with the identification of an extensive population of tansy plants at the Calverley Picnic Site, the plan is to translocate beetles to these locations in due course to create suitable ark sites. In addition an exhibition at the Visitor Centre has been developed showing potted tansy plants with resident tansy beetles along with interpretation explaining the plight and measures being undertaken to safeguard this species.

Barberry plants have been planted at the back of the Visitor Centre and will be also be planted along the perimeter of the New Wortley Recreation Ground bowling green. Once these plants have established and reached a suitable size, Barberry Carpet Moths will be introduced as caterpillars. It is also intended to display within the Visitor Centre the host plant with feeding caterpillars.

A feasibility report produced by Paul Bradley a consultant on White-clawed crayfish has enabled the Visitor Centre to take possession of a captive native crayfish. At present the Zoo staff are familiarising themselves with the requirements for its upkeep, but long term the plan is to have a breeding pair on display for educational purposes.

Following meetings with Rodley Wetlands Nature Reserve and a site assessment by Penny Rudd from Chester Zoo, a decision was taken to set up a project to introduce harvest mice to the reserve as it has substantial areas of suitable habitat. The staff at the Visitor Centre and at the Nature Reserve have been breeding large numbers of mice, translocating them to a large holding pen on the reserve for acclimatisation and then releasing them in batches throughout 2014. The success of the introduction will be monitored through trapping exercises in autumn 2014 and into 2015.

Lease agreement in place

Project complete

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Please look on the adjoining map to find the location of the project

Please look on the adjoining map to find the location of the project

West Leeds Country Park & Green Gateways signage installed along the Leeds Liverpool Canal by the Parks & Countryside Enhancement Team 


Neglected Kirkstall Wild Flower Meadow being restored by the Conservation Volunteers and Parks & Countryside Area West staff

One of the captive Tansy beetles feeding on Tansy in the West Leeds Country Park Visitor Centre. 

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