Woodhall Lake

Calverley Moor, now Bradford Moor, on which Woodhall Lake is situated, came into the ownership of the prominent Gott family following the 1755 Calverley Enclosure Act. Prior to this, the estate had been allotted to Dr. Cyril Jackson of Halifax, who sold it on to John Gott, civil engineer and Surveyor of Bridges for the West Riding, and father of the famed Benjamin.

From the early 19th century the Gotts leased out the estate. An early tenant was the Quaker Daniel Peckover, who occupied the property from the 1830’s. At the same time the benevolent tenant also looked after the local poor by providing food and employment during the laying out of his Lower Woodhall Estate, including Woodhall Lake.

Woodhall Lake with Canadian Geese in the foreground

Start of the boardwalk that provides an interesting route through the reeds in the northwest corner of the lake

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